Chapter Thirteen, "The Code", of A Love From Above, Free Christian E-Novel


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Chapter 14

After supper, Denise, Nana, and Papa were relaxed in the living room, and instead of watching T.V., as Denise usually did in the evenings, they were listening to a radio program. It was a favorite of her grandparents. Well, Denise wasn't really listening, just letting the words of the speakers go in one ear and out the other, as her mind wandered to various things, and her body relaxed.

She had made it through the day without any further trauma, thank goodness. But the scenes of that morning incident replayed itself through her head many times. Never was she able to figure anything that could have been done differently. Death was just...just so sad, and depressing!

What was that? The speaker was saying something about a coma, Denise sat up straight, suddenly intent on hearing what was being said. Amazed, she listened to the end of the program. Then, to make sure her ears weren't playing tricks on her, consulted with her grandparents. "Nana, Papa, did I hear them saying something on the radio about coma patients? Did he say that sometimes a comatose patient may come out of a coma to answer a phone? Is that what you understood?"

"That's what the man said, child," Papa said laughingly. "Can you believe that?"

"Well, he was making a point about how addicted we are to telephones," Nana stated, trying to clarify the subject. "You know, most people will quit anything they're doing to answer the phone, even climb out of the bathtub!"

"But, I'm wondering if he was really serious about the coma stuff. Do you think someone might really come out of a coma if they heard a phone ringing?" Denise asked sincerely.

Nana and Papa looked at each other, then, they again looked at Denise.

"Well, who knows? It might work," answered Papa.

"You're thinking of that 'Jane Doe' patient you told us about, aren't you?" Nana asked.

Nana was a perceptive woman, Denise thought. Nodding her head, Denise tried to picture the scene. The bedside phone ringing away in room 314, and Jane Doe, slowly responding, until she was fully awakened, rising up in her bed to answer the phone. Oh, it would be so cool, if it would only work! Denise was beginning to be very excited at the prospect!

"You know, Nana and I have been praying for that lady, ever since you told us about her. I'm sure the Lord's hand is upon her, and I believe she will come out of it. The Lord does answer prayer, you know," Papa stated.

"How can you know. Papa? How can you really know for sure?" Denise answered softly, wanting an answer desperately. Her eyes were pleading for an answer that would convince her.

"Because the Bible says so, Denise. Jesus himself said to pray to the Father, in the name of the Son, and he said, 'ask and you shall receive'. Of course, we're not to ask out of selfishness, or for the lusts of the flesh, and we're told to pray according to God's will. But, we can know God's will for us and others by studying His Word, and getting to know Him in a personal way," Papa explained. "HAve you ever been saved, Denise? Born again?"

"I guess not. Papa. I've heard about it, you know, in Sunday School, and Church, and I'm a member of this Church. I mean, I've been baptized, you know, when I was a kid. But, Mom and Dad, well, you know, they don't believe that stuff much. I'm kind of confused. I don't really know what to believe!" Denise replied, honestly.

"I don't want to go against your parents, Denise, but if you're interested, I'll tell you why I believe," Papa said hopefully.

"I'd like that. Papa. You and Nana always seem to handle things, and you seem so at peace." Denise caressed each lovingly with her eyes.

"Why don't you get my Bible off the bar for me, Denise, and I'll show you.

Walking into the kitchen to get the book, Denise heard a motor, looked out the window, and saw that Roger had arrived. A feeling of growing excitement began to build up within her, but she couldn't understand why. Well, he had become a dear friend, in the short time she had been at the farm, she reminded herself!

Greetings were exchanged as Roger came in and began to enter into conversation with the family, glancing frequently at Denise. who was rather quiet.

"Roger, we were just about to look up some scriptures concerning the authority, and integrity of the Word, as a basis for salvation. Since you're the Teacher, here, why don't you take over?" Papa asked politely.

"Well, I'll tell ya what! Let's get our Bibles out, mine's in the truck, and have a good old-fashioned Bible Study. Got an extra Bible for Denise?" Roger questioned.

"Of course, we've got plenty of Bibles," Nana laughed, "and just about all the different versions!"

They moved from the comfort of the living room cushions to the closeness, and intimacy of the dining room table. The first priority, Roger and Papa agreed, was to base everything on the principle that, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established", according to Deut. 17:6; John 8:17; 2 Cor. 13:1 and Heb. 10:28.

Then, with that basis, Roger began to confirm that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, written by over thirty different men, over a period of several centuries, yet the 66 books of the Bible each agree and refer to the others. "An impossibility with human beings. Possible only with an all-wise, all-powerful God," Roger stated.

They each looked up scriptures as they continued the study. Denise was amazed at the mounting evidence before her. Surely she had heard all this before, but now it began to make sense to her. She thought of all the times she had been in Sunday School and Church services, and the words she heard had made little sense to her, but, now she realized it was true! Her heart warmed with the knowledge.

Next, the scriptures began to show the prophesies in the Old Testament concerning the Messiah, the Christ, and then the fulfillment of the prophesies by Jesus' life, from the virgin birth, to the ascension of Jesus into the heavens.

There was no doubt left in Denise's mind. The evidence was clear. Now, what was she going to do about it? Was she ready to make a commitment, after what she'd learned? What about Jon, Mom and Dad? Would they disown her or what? How could she not accept these things as true, now that she'd seen in the book for herself. But to make a commitment to serve this God, well, that was going to be a big decision.

Rising from the table, Denise said, "It's getting pretty late, and I've gotta get up early to go to the hospital. I think I'll call it a night. Thanks for the Bible Study. I really learned a lot tonight."

"Well, goodnight. We'll be turning in soon." Nana called out after Denise.

In her room, Denise pondered her situation. If only she knew what to do, and what to think! Why was life so complicated? Jon would be down this weekend - why, that was day after tomorrow. Her heart melted at the thought of being with him again. It had been such a long time, Denise felt, though it had only been a couple of weeks. He had called again last Friday night, and they had talked a long time, but he said he had a thesis to write, and tests to study for, and, again, he wouldn't be down that weekend. Denise thought about his dreamy brown eyes, the feel of his arms around her, his body close to hers...

The darkness closed in, as Denise made herself comfortable in the big, soft bed, and again her mind wandered to the lady without a name or face who had given birth to her. Did she ever hold her in her arms, close to her body, her own mother? Why does this haunt me, Denise wondered sleepily. Besides, I'll probably never know the answers to these ridiculous questions!

Finally, sleep overtook her. Then she began to dream. In her dream, she watched as Jon's car pulled up at an unfamiliar house. He got out, and walked up to the door of the house. Jessie Arnold opened the door, and Jon took her in his arms.Denise became very angry, in her dream, and began to scream, 'No! No! He's mine, mine, do you hear? Jon! Jon, come back to me! But, they ignored her screams, and Jon and Jessie walked arm in arm to Jon's car. as if she didn't exist!

Denise awakened in a cold sweat, her heart pounding rapidly in her chest. After a few moments, she realized it was only a dream, or a nightmare! But, why would she dream a thing like that! After all, she had thought it out thoroughly, and decided that the conversation she had overheard that day had been only a wild fantasy.

But, what would she do, if Jon was unfaithful to her? She lay awake for a long time, listening to the night sounds, and owl occasionally 'who-ing', a cricket singing, the leaves in the big tree next to her window rattling slightly, as an occasional breeze stirred them.

Finally, she drifted back into a restless sleep, tossing and turning, awakening briefly, at times, just long enough to tell herself, again, it was only a dream.

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