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Chapter 17

In a secluded clearing of the large pasture, Denise and Jon lay snuggled up on the blanket she had brought from Nana's. The tablecloth and picnic items were still spread nearby, though the food had been hungrily devoured quite a while back. His passion spent, Jon was sleeping soundly, snoring softly. What was it that was so different, Denise wondered. She knew she loved him. She had since the first time she'd seen him! As usual, he'd been sweet and gentle, at least until she hesitated. Then his touch had become almost demanding, until she surrendered.

Why, she wondered, why was it different? Somehow, it just wasn't the same. The pleasure of being with Jon was for some reason greatly diminished. Was it guilt? Why should there be guilt? She loved him, didn't she? And he loved her! She didn't have to worry about things like pregnancy and diseases. She had learned a long time ago, in sex education class at school, how to prevent those things. And she and Jon had always been cautious.

But, Denise remembered in Sunday School, they had studied scriptures in the Bible which listed fornication and adultery with the evil works of murder and idolatry. Roger had explained carefully to his mixed class that premarital sex was fornication. That sex was a wonderful gift from God, but only if two people had made a lifetime commitment to God and each other. Of course, at that time, Denise didn't really even believe there was a God, so she had given little heed to the teaching.

Now, things were different, but what could she do? Jon would never understand if she suddenly denied him. He had proven that today! What if he sought out other girls? How could she bear that? Denise felt trapped, wanting to do good, but continuing to do wrong, with no answer in sight.
Surely, when you loved someone, and that love was returned, God wouldn't expect denial of the love. After all, he is a God of love, Denise concluded, making a mental note to study the Bible regarding this issue, for herself. Perhaps Roger had overlooked something which would ease her conscience.

Nana and Papa had given her a new Bible, one with references, concordance, dictionary and a lot of study helps. This would be her first study, she decided as she rose silently from the ground to avoid waking Jon.

"Show me what to do. God," Denise prayed quietly, as she walked over to a large oak tree, looking out upon the expanse of pasture land with a large tank in the distance, and noted a few cows moping along, eating the grass leisurely.

Thinking back. Mom and Dad had never made her feel like premarital sex was wrong. Oh, there had been times when something was said about a girl who turned up pregnant, or with a venereal disease, and they would comment about how dumb that was, nowadays, to get caught in that situation, what with contraceptives, and condoms, and such. But, no, she couldn't remember any thing about a moral standpoint being made clear. Discretion and precaution seemed to be the main thing from her parents point of view.

What would Nana and Papa say, if they knew about her relationship with Jon? Denise cringed at the thought! There is your answer, she told herself, knowing that they had a close relationship with the God of the Universe!

Jon awakened, and called out, "Denise, where'd you go?" Then looking around, propped on one elbow, he saw her standing beside the tree, her back to him. Getting to his feet, he walked toward her, a new coolness was in his voice as he called out to her. "What is going on with you? You've sure changed! Are you seeing someone else or what?"

Spinning around to meet his gaze, a surprised Denise said to him, "What? Of course not! How could you even think such a thing?"

"I don't know, but you're sure acting strange. I've never seen you like this before. You want to tell me what's going on? I wouldn't even have left campus if I'd known you were going to be like this," John said, disapprovingly.

"Oh, Jon, please don't talk like that! You know how much I love you, and I've missed you so much while you were gone!" She walked to him, put her arms around him, and held him tight, burying her face in his neck.

Responding to her touch, he said, more gently, "Well, something's different! You sure don't act like you used to."

"Jon, have you ever considered, really considered, whether there is a God? You know, like the Bible says?"

"What? Don't tell me you're going religious on me!"

"I don't know. I didn't really think there was a God, but, we had a Bible study at Nana and Papa's, and, well, I'm convinced now that He is real. I'm just not sure where I'm going from here! You're right, though, things are different! I never realized it before, but this really affects everything in my life."

"Oh, come on Denise. Don't give me that! Have they been preaching 'hell and brimstone' to you, or what? What's the big deal, anyway, whether there's a God or not?" Jon asked impatiently.

"No, they have not preached 'hell and brimstone' to me!" Denise said, suddenly irritated with Jon's irreverant manner. "They've preached "love*, that God loves me, and wants what is best for me, and that since He created me, only He knows what is best for me!"

"Sure! And how are you supposed to know what He wants for you, huh? Answer me that!" Jon's voice was becoming increasingly bitter, Denise thought, as she wondered how her beautiful plans for this afternoon had gone down the drain! How could he be so callous, so unfeeling when referring to the Almighty God?

Then, sadly, she reminded herself that she, too, had been that way, telling herself there really wasn't a God. But deep in her heart, hadn't she really known all along? Hadn't she deliberately denied that knowledge to please her parents, and selfishly, to do as she pleased with her life?

Suddenly, as tears sprang to her eyes with this revelation, she asked Jon to take her home, and rushed to pack up the picnic things.

Stunned, Jon followed reluctantly. "I don't understand you, Denise, I just don't understand you at all!"

They drove to the house in silence, as Denise tried to figure out a balance between obeying God, and keeping Jon, if there was such a thing! But, if not, how could she bear to live without Jon? He was surely the only guy she could ever love! Life was so unfair, she thought, in frustration. She was very unhappy with Jon right now, but they would work it out. They had to!

When they reached Nana and Papa's house, Jon helped Denise carry in the picnic things, but with a curious look on his face, Denise thought.

Nana met them at the door. "Did you have a good picnic?" She asked casually, glancing back and forth between the two.

"Yeah," Jon answered. "The food was delicious!"

"Good," Nana answered. "Denise, you had a call from Maria at the hospital. She said your patient, Jane Doe had come out of the coma. She knew you would want to know!"

"Oh, Nana!" Denise said, suddenly excited, hugging Nana tightly. "Oh, that's wonderful! I can't wait to see her and get to know all about her. "I've got to go to her, right now!"

"What about tonight? I thought we were going out!" Jon asked defensively.

"Sorry. I've got to go see her. You wouldn't believe how long I've waited for this!" exclaimed Denise.

"Do you want me to drive you in, or do you want to take your car?" asked Jon almost reluctantly.

Denise looked at him, their eyes meeting for a moment, and said politely, "Thanks, Jon, for offering, but I'm afraid you'd be bored at the hospital. And I have no idea how long I'll be there. I'd better take my car."

She hurried to her room to change clothes and freshen up, leaving Jon standing in the kitchen, looking very uncomfortable. Shortly she returned, ready to go. "I'll be home in a little while, Nana. Don't worry about me, OK?"

"I won't", Nana said. "I'm just thanking the Lord that, once again, our prayers have been answered."

Denise caught a strange, unbelieving look in Jon's eyes as Nana said those words, and felt almost pity for him that he couldn't, or didn't want to, understand. Then, amazed herself, as she realized she did understand, and she, too, was inwardly giving a heartfelt thanks to God!

Jon walked with her to the car with an unsure, hesitant manner. Denise caught his sideways glances, as if he was trying to figure out a new approach, as if the situation suddenly was out of control, and he was planning his strategy. As Denise climbed into her car, she coolly, but politely said, "See ya later, Jon. Gotta go now," as she started up her car.

Without a word, Jon stared at her briefly, then turned on his heel. Was that a look of revenge in his eyes? Denise wondered.

There was just too much to think about now. She'd worry about Jon later, she decided, as she focused her thoughts on Jane Doe's recovery. Jon could wait!

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